Potting around the house

One good thing about working full time is weekends. Oh how I love the weekend. Every now and then I get to do something to improve our little love nest and recently I did up a dresser. I found it abandoned on the side of the road but all it really needed was a sand, prime and paint and now it’s a sexy black number with gold handles. Here’s a few of my favorite corners:





Wedding Invitation Design

My first ever wedding invitation design was a success! This was a dream design job I’ve been wanting to do for ages and when my Uncle decided to re-marry it was the perfect opportunity to try it out! The floral illustrations are of the pink and white roses the couple plan to have on their big day. The back of the invite features a little story of how they met and how their love was rekindled years and years later. Nyaw 🙂 sweet! Bring on the weddings! Can’t wait to do some more.