Stephen Banham: AGDA talk

Tonight I went to see Stephen Banham from Letterbox Design Studio in Melbourne. He treated us to a presentation about typography in a spatial realm at an AGDA event, Oxford Hotel in Leederville.

As much as I am curious to know more about typeface design and was somewhat expecting a talk on the technical side of designing type, I was pleasantly surprised to find Stephen was much more interested in sharing with us his passion for typography in the environment. He showed us how typography has a place in everyday life, in history and in our stories and culture. He also showed us examples of evidence that suggests that the wider public does in fact understand graphic design and what type is, to some degree. It was a refreshing and inspiring talk that focused on stories and interpretation and got me thinking about the intentions behind many of my favorite typefaces.

His book Characters features some of the images he showed us tonight along with a huge collection of writing, pictures and stories of type in the City of Melbourne and beyond. I got a copy signed and the cover can be taken off to reveal a wonderful poster with an excerpt about people’s reactions to signage in public spaces.

What a great event! Thanks AGDA WA 🙂






Fittingly, a party next door had type-shaped balloons and I took a cheeky snap of that too! Just for fun…



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