Review: The Field Trip 2012

Pretty cool tote bag huh? The show bags came complete with bottle water, Rhodia notebooks and sharpie pens. Awesome >.<

WHO:  Beci OrpinTravis PriceJeremy LeyTin & Ed21-19Jo DuckToby & Pete
WHAT: The Field Trip hosted by The Jacky Winter Group
WHERE: The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) Melbourne, Australia
WHEN: Friday 20th April 2012
WHY: Because the Jacky Winter Group is awesome, Beci Orpin is a superhuman and it was a good enough excuse to fly to Melbourne.

The most unique concept I have encountered for a conference yet, The Field Trip was an experience like no other. This 9 hour long day was filled with some of the most interesting, diverse and talented creatives in the country who (somewhat timidly) took us on a journey through their lives, work and most importantly- their process.

Starting with the oh-so-famous and incredibly gifted Beci Orpin, we were given a run down on how she created the identity used for the 2012 Field Trip event, from sketchbook to illustrator. I was particularly impressed with her attention to detail. The individual cuts in the sticky paper, the little crease in the corner of a piece of paper and her signature cheeky faces helped create work that was full of character and life.

Next up we had Jeremy Ley show us his mad story boarding skills using a Wacom tablet live on stage to create a story out of Beci’s performance. His confident drawing style is truly humbling and is obviously the result of hours of hard work and practice. He had me engaged the whole way through and hungry to see what he would come up with next. He gave us a really good look at how he executes his work and it was nice to see an artist who is happy to share his knowledge with others.

Travis Price was another amazing illustrator who was prepared to give us an in-depth talk on some tools and techniques he has found useful in improving his artwork and giving it the x-factor which he referred to as ‘Jacky Winter’ quality. (It gave me a lot to think about…) He turned this great little sketch of an owl into a beautifully rendered illustration. Amazing!


After wolfing down a burger at lunchtime we settled back into the auditorium to revel in the delight of Melbourne animation studio 21-19 as they took us ‘behind the scenes’ in the making of a super-cute advertisement for Telstra. Starting with some 2D illustrations, they wrapped this around some cubes and created this happy little ‘cube world’ with cube characters discovering the new Telstra products. I was astounded to see the size of the team and the amount of work that goes into creating one of these ads. On some days they could spend a whole day to produce only 1 second of film! I had never seen anything like this before so it was a real treat.

Next up was the creative duo Tin & Ed. I have seen these guys talk before at Semi-Permanent when it came to Perth but I was excited today because I was aware they were going to be creating something off the computer. I liked the idea of this because I have to spend so much time of the computer that sometimes I just want to get away and get my hands dirty in paint and glue and go back to the days when I was begging my Mum to let me copy what they just did in the craft section of ‘Play School,’ or as Tin & Ed so rightly put it, “Art Attack.” Those were the days…
Anyway they ended up making these crazy space-age hats out of paper and card board. They looked pretty awesome and reminded me a lot of something out of The Mighty Boosh.

Jo Duck, an emerging fashion photographer then took over the reins and set up a make-shift studio on stage and took photos of a mysterious person wearing a suit and one of Tin & Ed’s masks and doing the twist for us. (After Jo showed us an interesting video of how an Owl’s Head doesn’t move…)

Wrapping up the event was Toby and Pete (although only one half was there, and actually I feel pretty bad because I forgot which one wasn’t actually present…) They used the photos Jo had previously taken along with Travis Prices’ piece and make this crazy kind of 50’s television ad. Hopefully The Jacky Winter Group puts up some pictures coz’ it’s kinda hard to explain but it looked freakin cool.

So all in all a great day. It’s coming up in Sydney later in the year and fingers crossed they run it again next year. And even better if they brought it to Perth!! I should find out how to make this happen…

Megan x


The Fair Trade Pop Up Store

I was recently asked to do some last-minute design work to promote a fair trade pop-up stall run by Fair Trade, Oxfam & SIFE UWA. The location of the pop up stall will be revealed on the 4th May 2012- Head over to the Facebook page for more information. The stall is aimed at young professionals/students/under 30’s and busts some of those myths about fair trade shopping and shows how they can choose to shop where their purchases will make a difference to people’s lives.

One of the Fair Trade Pop Up Store team members holding up a printed poster for pinning up around the UWA Campus