Boxed Exhibition- William St Festival, March 18 2012

Over the weekend I pulled an all nighter preparing artwork for this exhibition. Each artist was supplied with a 2 metre high pallet-style box made out of plywood to do with whatever they wish. A truck dumped them onto the street on the site of the William St Festival and then it was up to us to go nuts! Run by the folks at On William, the event was held yesterday (Sunday 18th March 2012) between Aberdeen St & Newcastle Street in Northbridge, Western Australia.


Below is a documented work-in progress of my idea which was a bit of a spin off the recycled ‘paper doll project.’ I cut my 300mm high dolls out of MDF panels with a jigsaw and hung them to the box from hooks. a HUGE shout out to my family who pitched in to help, especially my Dad who you can see using an old-school hand drill due to the lack of a battery-powered one (thanks to Grandad for the contraption- occasionally his ability to hoard stuff becomes incredibly useful!)

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