Plane Scribbles

Here’s some little character heads I scribbled whilst waiting for my plane:

I also got James to give it a go. His drawings make me giggle but I also think he shows some potential, I wonder if I can give him a nudge to give illustration a try?


Love Never Dies

On my last day in Melbourne, James took me to see the Matinee performance of Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. The costumes, set design and singing were all spectacular. The graphics of course caught my eye as well, in particular the simple yet gorgeous display type used for the Opera’s title. I loved it so much I got all touristy and bought a printed mug. The gold type on the black is stunning.

Designer Tunes: SBTRKT

When you are stuck in front of the computer for hours on end, you get sick of all the music in your iTunes pretty quickly. I went searching for some new music today and came accross SBTRKT. I actually heard this on Triple J a while ago but didn’t catch the name. It’s fantastic music to listen to while you design, I recommend a listen.

Uber Fresh Web: The Thousands City Guides

So in planning my trip to Melbourne next week, I thought I’d better hit up theĀ  Thousands City Guides and realized this web has had a pretty amazing face lift by the talented folks at Right Angle Studio. In this day and age it’s almost as important to be able to design a website as it is to design an iPhone app to go with it, and these guys did a fantastic job. From modest beginning, The Thousands City Guide is now a colourful, delightful, info-packed guide book that you literally can fit in your back pocket. Go take a look if you haven’t already, and while your there check out some of the hip and happening things in your local area (if your in Aus.) And download the App- it’s FREE!

New Personal Project: Outskirts 2011

So for a while there I was missing having something to work towards/ be excited about. Enter Outskirts 2011: A street festival happening in September by the folks at On William. I will be taking my studio to the street for a day and the next few months I will be busy designing my own range of stationery. The designs will be inspired by a retro theme, particularly from the late 60’s and early 70’s. I love the colours and patterns from this era- they were onto a good thing. I’m heading to Melbourne with my amazing boyfriend next week and I can’t wait to hit up Chapel St and Brunswick street for some thrift store wonderfulness.

Without further ado, here is a work in progress photo journal of my first attempt. This design was inspired by a floral pattern I saw on a colourful hippy kaftan. Enjoy!