Megan Isabella goes to Hospital

So I had a bit of a fright on Saturday night…

I went to a party and was delighted to discover some delectable cupcakes were on offer. I was so excited that it didn’t occur to me to hunt down and ask the maker of the cupcakes wether they had any nuts in them, which I am pretty badly allergic to. After taking an enourmous mouthful, a friend suddenly points out that the icing is made of marzipan.

What started as a mouth& throat itch quickly blazed into a full blown anaphylaxis shock!! My skin broke out in hives, my body face and hands swelled up, my skin itched and burned, my heart went crazy and I was having difficulty breathing!! My housmate Helen rushed me to hospital where I was pumped with adrenaline & antihistamine.

I have been sick all weekend and starting to recover only just now. I have an epi-pen on me at all times now and I will definately have to be alot more careful from now on.


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