Condor Tower Carpark: Street Art Exhibition

Last night was the ONE NIGHT ONLY opening of the Condor Tower Carpark (you know, that lime green building in the city). The owner has spent the past couple of years paying for paint & supplies for local artists, illustrators and graf kids interested in tizzying up the inside of the building. In the last 6 months, and particularly the last few weeks, there’s been a huge splash of colour been made.

The opening night was amazing. Hundereds and hundereds of people of all different cultures and ages filed the several level carpark. (although I’d say the majority of the crowd was full of 16-30yr olds wearing all kinds of wicked get ups)…actually, there was even a random cross dresser in the corner. Not sure what that was about, but it was still cool.

There was decks and a dj, a temporary bar set up, and people walking around all excited like it was the Big Day Out or something.

The artwork was all fantastic. Many different styles and feels which was great. I was astounded by the amount of talent there is in my own little city and the amount of interesting people around me. (and lets face it, they were pretty good looking too!)

As one clever cat had sprayed in writing on the wall:


I had a giggle. Whoever said Perth was dull?



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